Part 4 (last part!) Hope ya all enjoy the so called ‘pic spams’. My last regular update ~ :)

Part 3 

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Sukira; First Program. 
Thought that I would share some random photos. PS: I don’t own any of them. Thanks!

Dear all

Hi! It’s me, the owner of this tumblr. Just to keep ya all updated, I’ll not be updating so often till 2012 ends. Reason? -> I’m having my major exams this year (A levels) and will be extremely busy. I’m so sorry! Promise that I will make a comeback once I finish my exams okay! :) Meanwhile, I’ll still be updating my twitter (@sforsihui) My love for kpop will exist forever! 

Till then, take care everyone! :D 

hoya offering woohyun his water のヮの

hoya offering woohyun his water のヮの